Make That Money with MaxBounty Affiliate Network

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MaxBounty  is a CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), & CPS (Cost Per Sale) Affiliate network located in Ottawa, Canada that has received a lot of recommendations from internet marketers nationwide. The company accepts merchants who want to push their products and services to the network as well as affiliates that want to earn an income promoting various offers. They have competitive payouts and many offers across various markets.

MaxBounty  support is great and they Wire, pay via PayPal, Check, ACH, Payoneer, etc.. It is pretty easy to join them even as a newbie, you don’t need a website to get accepted but its best for having one for tracking purposes. I highly recommend this website if you are into CPA offers.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit MaxBounty & start Making That Money.


Make That Money by Doing Surveys on CashCrate

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English: Cashcrate Logo

CashCrate has been around since 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide. There are no fees to join, and they send out thousands of dollars in payments to their members every month.

Companies are always looking for new users to try their products and services, and they are willing to pay people like you to do just that. You can also earn money on CashCrate by taking part in daily research surveys, doing your shopping online, and referring other members to their program.

You must be at least 13 years old. Members from the United States and other English-speaking countries will have the most offers available to them, but members from other countries are welcome too.

What are you waiting for? Sign up & start MAKING THAT MONEY..

Make That Money by Sharing on Flixya

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Flixya is simple. Basically you just have to share videos, photos and blogs. It’s a platform design to share your favorite videos, photos and at the same time allows users to blog. The money-making method provided by Flixya is actually a revenue sharing system. Flixya makes money from Google Adsense and split 50% of the traffic or Adsense page impression to sign up members.

Image representing Flixya as depicted in Crunc...

Flixya  started out as a video sharing website in July 2006 and has grown into an online social media community network with lots of videos, photos and blogs. Sign up is free but unfortunately the site currently is not accepting any new registration request. As Flixya uses revenue sharing system, members need to obtain and submit Google Adsense Publisher ID. Members don’t have to apply the code directly as it will be done automatically with the Google Adsense Publisher ID provided. In order to make money at Flixya, members have to take care of two things.

Members have to submit content and draws traffic. Just like a regular blogger who tries to make money online with Google Adsense, content and traffic are still the main focus. It is very important that members do a lot of promoting work using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Forums, Emails and directories.

Flixya is similar with other revenue sharing websites like Hugpages, About, BlogBurner, Squidoo, Xomba and many more. Check out the Opportunities page in this blog and you’ll find lots of similar websites. Honestly, there are lots of similar websites just like Flixya. The question is which website you can really make money out of it. Obviously you can’t participate and work on all the websites. You can only choose couple of websites that you like and focus on them.

Make That Money with Fiverr

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Fiverr is an online marketplace where everything from service to product is offered for 5$.  There is only one way to make money with Fiverr and that is to sell your gig/gigs as much as you can. The way to sell your gig is get as much positive feedback as you can for your gig and also get lots of traffic to your gig.

Another thing you can do is to be on the lookout for requests displayed in the side bar of the websites. People ask for all sorts of things and if you think you can provide what they are asking for 5$ make sure to strike a conversation with them and sell your gig. The most important thing to remember when selling in Fiverr is to be polite with your potential customers and to build a good relationship with them.

Creating a Gig on Fiverr

  • It should be something profitable for you. Remember that you can’t adjust the price here, whatever you sell can only be sold at 5$. So make sure that it is something worthy but not to time consuming. Adding meta tags to a blogger blog is worth 5$ but designing the layout for 5$ might not be worth it.
  • Fiverr allows you to add a video for your gig so if you have the capability make sure to add a video describing your gig, this will lead to more people ordering from you
  • You can add keywords to every gig you create so make sure to add descriptive keywords to your gig, so your gig is featured in related gigs section at the bottom of every gig

Tips That You Can Use To Make Money With Fiverr

  • Create your gigs attractive (title, description, picture, or video)
  • Give extra work or bonus work if they buy 3-5 times
  • Run your gigs like it is the only one business you have
  • Promote your gigs
  • Give a good report
  • Ask for a buyer feedbacks (if  its new gigs, give extra work if they give good feedbacks)
  • Collect a positive feedbacks (keep your rating high)
  • And Start Making That Money

Make That Money by Flipping Websites on Flippa

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Flippa is a program that acts as a central marketplace where people can come to sell and buy websites. This program allows websites sellers to list their sites along with descriptions and prices, and it provides buyers a place to browse websites and bid on the ones they want. The program was created by internet entrepreneurs Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, who also run a similar program called Sitepoint.

If you are looking to sell a website on Flippa, the first thing that you do is register at the site. Once you do this, your next step is to set up your website to sell. The program takes you through what is basically a selling wizard, asking specific questions so that it can list your website properly.

You’ll be selling your website as an auction item on Flippa, meaning that you will be getting bids. You need to enter a starting bid price, a reserve price, which is the lowest price you’ll accept, and you can also enter a “buy it now” price if you wish. There is a fee for listing your website to sell.

Flipping Websites & Domains Tips
  • Buy good domains and resell for a profit.
  • Build a website or a blog, work on it for a while and get it going. It’s Just like flipping houses, when you get the site to a good point, put it up for sale.
  • People like websites that are ready to go, and they do pay good money for it. Hundreds of website are bought and sold every day on Flippa
  • Get the Flipping & Start Making That Money

Make That Money by Being A Online Tutor

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Tutoring There are a lot of people who make their living through tutoring. Hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs are available for the people like you who want to earn money while educating a person. The best thing about this job is that you get a satisfaction that you are really doing something good. You get a feel that you are cementing the base of the society you live in and that is what makes you feel special.

Generally, people think of this one of the fastest ways to make money that one should have a professional teaching degree to be a tutor, but this is not true as you do not have to be a professional teacher. However, you should be well educated and have confidence to teach.

How to Get Work –  Easy way is to go online and complete registrations on a couple of tutoring agencies. There are many sites on the internet dealing in tuition and they will surely help you find work.

Also, you can contact the local schools in your area and tell them that you are interested in being a tutor to their children after the school hours. Then, posting flyers at different places like outside schools, kid’s park, community centers etc-etc is also very useful.

Money – Tutors are paid on hourly basis. The payment can range from $10/hour to $40/hour. It all depends on your qualification and experience. There are also other factors like the number of children you teach in a class and the age group of your students or say, the class they study in. So, your earnings will be really good and your problem of ‘how to make money’ will be over.

If you are educated and have a passion for teaching, then this is the right work for you to make money. You can teach students either at their home or at your own home. The number of jobs is increasing for tutors as all parents want their children to stay ahead in the academics and they want them to live a good life which is only possible when they are good at studies.

Make That Money by Becoming A Online Internet Researcher

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You’re surfing the Web daily. Why not get paid for it? Online internet researching has become a profitable business to some and a great source of income to others. It’s a job opportunity that you can weave around your schedule without quitting on your regular job.

Fees: $45 per hour to start. Increase your hourly rate as you develop your reputation.

Tools of the Trade: Need a Computer and high-speed Internet access.

Tip: Focus on one or two types of information so that you can deliver meaningful results quickly.

Hidden Costs: Initial marketing efforts.

In striving to become excellent on any craft, a person should give his/her commitment, build on his/her work ethic and expand his/her knowledge. Because of these, it is best to plan out first on what you intend to do and deliver. Carefully planning is better than blind charging. Plan out what you want to do while reflecting on what you can offer other people.

Search the web for online research projects

Get informed on how internet researches are done. Ask friends who have done it before or maybe read on comments about it posted by others. Once you’re confident on how it works, search the web for sites that do offer such projects. Try browse through the website “Craigslist“. This website can help you get started with some projects.

Start with job orders you are familiar with

There are many job offers to pick from. Research is a broad topic. There are numerous job opportunities to start on and build on. My advice is you start on a research job order that you are familiar with. Again reflect on your own experiences and interests. Identify areas where you have strong foundation on. It could be health related maybe business. It could be a number and combination of things. Accept job orders you are familiar with. Build your confidence slowly. And before you know it you’ll be taking on bigger research topics.

Be professional about your work

There is one rule in doing research topics online. This is to be original with your work. Sure you can get ideas here and there but make sure what you write is solely you. Be original with your work and don’t copy the work of others.

Take on only what you can handle

Being a professional also means submitting job orders on agreed time. Make sure you deliver the goods on time. Knowing this, take only job orders you can handle. Don’t take several research projects which you can’t finish. You will not only loose clients but the quality of your work will decrease.

Set up a PayPal account

Open a PayPal account. Setting up a an account will help you with payment transactions.

Advertise your services

Once you are confident with what you do and you have enough experience, post your services on the internet. Develop a website where people can visit you virtually. If your operation grows, you might want to hire freelance writers to help you.

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